27 December 2012

7 December 2012

Getting close to the finish line for this semester!

2 December 2012

Ode to a Ricoh

Hi internet! A few weeks back I started a tumblr (for those of you who are into those kind of things) dedicated to showcasing some of my favourite photos that I've taken with my favourite camera. In 2007 dear friend tossed a Ricoh FF-1s my way as he was clearing out his camera collection. The very first photo I ever took with it was of him, unimpressed with my glee, and from there I've put countless rolls of film through it, lost the one he gave me in 2009, had it replaced in 2010, and just this year bought a spare because I love it so much.

My current MFA studies at Guelph have made it tough to update a regular blog - these days everything produced it the product of experimentation and growth and with that comes uncertainty - but the habit of putting things out there on the internet is a hard one to break. Eventually the archive may run out, but I'll be updating old and new photos on there from now on. Feel free to follow along!

11 October 2012



Pre unpainting.


We have a mini-trampoline in the seminar room and rather than keep me sane it helps me embrace the crazy taking over since getting here. 

You don't actually experience autumn or Canada until you spend the season in Ontario. Suddenly all the stereotypes have greeted me with uncomfortable levels of friendly eye contact.

Sad studio finds. 

Cell phone pictures are unkind to paintings but here you go anyway.

12 July 2012

More from the car. Portraits of his car are an easier and maybe less creepy(?) way of making portraits of Tim.

6 July 2012

Some Drawings

I suspect I may be going a little crazy without the chance to paint over the last month.

31 May 2012

The ever photogenic Tom.

15 May 2012

Twin Peaks


 Wouldn't it have been nice if it could have worked out, SF. We would have had such a beautiful time together.

9 April 2012

2012 So Far

As seen through my good old Ricoh FF-1s.