30 April 2011

Panic Attack Painting

The Dentist II, 2011, 12"x16", oil.

29 April 2011

Red Dog

Clancey 2011. Warm up paintings from January.

26 April 2011

New Painting

Oil on canvas, 24"x30"

It's funny, this painting started out with other kids in it, and a table cloth with plates and cups and the presence of other people, but it only started to make sense when I started to edit everyone out of it down to just the girl. It's weird to discover what works are about only after you are finished them. Like the rest of my paintings from this semester, this one is about something I fear. The disappearance and dissolution of family and friends and relationships, or more specifically solitude. It gets scarier the older I get.

Don't mind the ghost-chair just hanging out there.