12 December 2011

Oak Tree

2011. Another VSC painting.

24 October 2011

18 October 2011


A painting about performance anxiety of sorts.

9 October 2011

USA Etc.

Photos from a recent drive around New England. Presented in whatever order the internet decides to upload them in.

1 October 2011

Vermont Studio Center Photos

Back now from Vermont with some photos of my time there. Highlights:

26 September 2011


For the VSC Group Show 'Zodiac'.

Back to America tomorrow!

24 August 2011


Taking off for a stay at the Vermont Studio Center for a month. Here's where I'm leaving off what's currently on the studio easel. Odds are I won't have time to work on this any more before I go. Maybe I'm just putting this up here to remind me what I've got waiting for me back in Montreal.

Painting dogs again, still taking pictures with cell phones.

3 August 2011

Moka Pots

A painting for Paul. 2011.

25 July 2011

7 June 2011

Memories of Exboyfriends

Flowers which represent the worst birthday of my life.

Now that I've photographed them I can finally throw them away. They smell surprisingly bad.

30 May 2011

A small Zoe for scale.
Hatley, Quebec, May 2011.

Revisited the site almost two years later. This time with a wee Zoe for scale.

Last time I was here I climbed the fence, narrowly missing the electrified wire for the cows, camera in hand and all the while wearing the tightest and ugliest bridesmaid dress known to man for my brother's wedding.

Did I upload that photo here after taking it? I can't remember now. This stump and I go way back.

18 May 2011